B-WIT 100 Wideband injection transformer

The wideband injection transformer B-WIT 100 is the perfect choice for potential free signal insertion into electronic circuits. Together with the Bode 100 it is used to asses the stability of control loops, such as DC/DC converters.
The B-WIT 100 combines a wide frequency range (1 Hz - 10 MHz) with a 600 V CAT II compliant output. The wide frequency range ensures that the B-WIT 100 can be used for the analysis of very slow control loops ( low loop bandwidth) as well as very fast control loops (high loop bandwidth). The 600 V CAT II compliant output ensures that DC/DC converters with an output voltage ranging from a few volts up to mains voltage can be analyzed.

Key features:
  • Optimized for signal insertion into control loops using low impedances
  • Extremely wide frequency range: 1 Hz – 10 MHz (useable frequency range)
  • Highest linearity
  • Low insertion loss
  • CE compliant, RoHS compliant

Some technical data:
  • Usable frequency range: 1 Hz – 10 MHz
  • 3 dB frequency range : typ. 7 Hz – 5 MHz
  • Insertion loss : typ. < 0,5 dB
  • Turns ratio: 1:1
  • Winding capacity : typ. 110 pF
  • Max. input voltage: 4 Vrms